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Lecture Series 2009

Collectors Print Seminar
Thursdays, February 5, 12
(Members Only)

Betsy G. Fryberger, Burton and Deedee McMurtry Curator of Prints and Drawings, will lead a study of works from the Cantor Arts Center Collection in the Tanenbaum Seminar Room. This seminar is a rare opportunity to examine prints, learn the history of this art and to discriminate quality and condition.

  • Prints from 1600 to 1800
    This historical introduction presents different techniques from woodcut and engraving to etching. Prints include those by Albrecht Dürer, Rembrandt, G.B. Piranesi and others illustrating subjects as they evolved in popularity from religious images to portraits, landscapes, and contemporary city scenes. Comparing early and later print impressions will highlight issues of quality and condition. Reference material will include auction catalogues as well as classic books about printmaking.
  • Prints from 1799 to 1950
    With the introduction of lithography around 1800, printmaking took a new direction gradually leading to the enormous craze for color lithography in the 1890s. This and other techniques will be explored. Prints will include those by R.P. Bonington, Gericault, Daumier, Toulouse-Lautrec, Whistler, Matisse, and Picasso. Discussion of the complexity of editions will include further reference materials.

Tanenbaum Print Room, Cantor Arts Center
10 am to noon
Members Only: $100

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