Conflict and Art

June 7 – August 27, 2006

This exhibition encompasses a spectrum of artists' responses to overt conflicts, such as war, as well as to internal conflicts and solitary quests. The works have been chosen from all areas of the Cantor Arts Center collection and represent art from Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. This exhibition showcases Cantor Arts Center collections not often on view, while grouping diverse works to address common themes. The exhibition conveys the ways in which artists and makers of ritual objects have captured or interpreted the harsh realities of conflict in objects or images that are aesthetically satisfying. Representations of conflict are roughly grouped under broad thematic headings: societal, religious, and political struggles with their associated wars; more individualistic subjects of competition (as expressed through sports); and dialogues within oneself, often eloquently drawn from legend or literature. Organized by the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University

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John Steuart Curry
John Brown, 1939
Cantor Arts Center Collection,
Committee for Art Acquisition Fund