Ongoing In the Collection Galleries

In addition to temporary exhibitions, works from the collection are on view in many of the Cantor Arts Center's 24 galleries plus sculpture gardens and terraces. The collection spans the history of art from ancient Egypt and China to the 21st century. View Collections to learn more. The following are among the works on view:

Expanding Views of Africa
The arts of Africa date from the beginning of humanity to the present and express universal and timeless ideas. The newly reinstalled African art galleries feature more than 200 objects and are designed to expand conventional ways of considering African art and culture. The galleries offer historical depth, geographic and chronological representation ranging from the contemporary times to ancient Egypt, and a diverse range of media. Learn more

Rodin! The Complete Stanford Collection
The Center’s entire Rodin collection of 200 works, including bronzes, plasters, and waxes, is on now view. The Thinker and other bronzes grace the south rotunda. A second gallery includes youthful works, a rotating selection of works-on-paper, and objects directly associated with the Gates of Hell. A third gallery, presents sculptures thematically, by project (Burghers of Calais, for example) or subject (portraiture, mythology). Large scale works, including The Gates of Hell, remain perpetually on view in the B. Gerald Cantor Rodin Sculpture Garden adjacent to the museum. Learn more

Collection Highlights from Europe 1500-1800,
Ancient Greece and Rome
This revitalized gallery presents important works from the Center’s ancient Mediterranean collection, including portrait reliefs from Palmyra, red- and black-figure Attic vases, marble torsos from Rome, and Cypriote vessels. Major portions of the gallery continue to be devoted to European paintings, sculpture, and works on paper dating from about 1500 to 1800. Due to their sensitivity to light, these paintings and drawings cannot remain on view very long, so this space presents small, focused displays that change twice a year. Celebrating the new installation of classical antiquities, the first rotation examines the European fascination with ruins. Learn more

Living Traditions: Arts of the Americas
The new installation in two galleries integrates work from different Native American peoples and times and highlights the collection, including exciting commissions of new Northwest Coast art. The Precolumbian art display is enhanced by the addition of an important collection of Mesoamerican works. Learn more

A New 19th Century: The Mondavi Family Gallery Reinstalled
The Robert Mondavi Family Gallery presents the Center’s 19th-century European and American collections reconfigured to clarify the relationships between the various works and to introduce connections through international trade and travel. Two small gallery areas are established within the larger gallery: one where smaller paintings are grouped as they might have been in the salon of a collector; the other brings together changing selections of works on paper. Learn more

African Art in Context
Field photographs and other didactic materials provide insight into the diverse art forms on display. The gallery features a section dedicated to the arts of southern Africa, including items of dress and body ornament from the Himba people of Namibia and beadwork by the Zulu and Ndebele people of South Africa. Learn more

The Life and Legacy of the Stanford Family
This installation examines the interests and accomplishments of the Stanford family, including material relating to the Central Pacific Railroad, the Palo Alto Stock Farm, the founding of Stanford University, and the early days of the Stanford Museum. Learn more

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