Guide to Sculptures

A1 Josef Albers, Stanford Wall, 1980, brick, steel and granite

B1 Bruce Beasley, Vanguard, 1980, stainless steel

B2 J. B. Blunk, Six Stones, 1993, stone

B3 Beniamino Bufano, Shadows of the Future, 1935, granite

C1 Alexander Calder, The Falcon, 1963, painted steel

C2 William Couper, Sphinxes, c. 1908, marble

D1 Aristides Demetrios, White Memorial Fountain, 1964, bronze and copper

D2 Mark di Suvero, The Sieve of Eratosthenes, 1999, painted and stainless steel

D3 Mark di Suvero, Miwok, 1981–82, steel

F1 Antonio Friuli, Faith and Menander, c. 1890, marble

F2 Linda Fleming, Space Lace, c. 1997, steel

G1 Charles Ginnever, Chicago Triangles, 1979, steel

G2 Charles Ginnever, Luna Moth Walk I, 1982, Cor-Ten steel

G3 Charles Ginnever, The Three Graces, 1975–1981, Cor-Ten steel

G4 Andy Goldsworthy, Stone River, 2001, sandstone

H1 Dimitri Hadzi, Pillars of Hercules III, 1982, bronze

K1 Lee Kelly, Stainless Garden, 1972, stainless steel

L1 Maya Lin, Timetable, 2000, granite, steel, and stone

L2 Jacques Lipchitz, Song of the Vowels, 1931, aluminum

M1 Larkin G. Mead, Stanford Family, 1899, bronze

M2 Joan Miró, Oiseau, 1973, bronze; Arnaldo Pomodoro, Three-Panel Bas-relief,
1967, bronze; Henry Moore, Large Torso: Arch, 1962-63, bronze

M3 Henry Moore, Large Torso: Arch, 1962–63, bronze

P1 Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden: forty carved and painted wood and stone sculptures by Kwoma and Iatmul artists from the Sepik River region of New Guinea, 1994. See signs on site for more information.

P2 Beverly Pepper, Split Pyramid, 1971, Cor-Ten steel

P3 Arnaldo Pomodoro, Three-Panel Bas-relief, 1967, bronze

P4 Antoine Poncet, Retrofuteé, 1969, marble

P5 Beverly Pepper, Bedford Sentinels, 1990, cast 2002, beonze

R1. The B. Gerald Cantor Rodin Sculpture Garden: twenty bronzes including The Gates of Hell ( c. 1880–1900), by the French sculptor Auguste Rodin.

R2. Auguste Rodin, Burghers of Calais, 1884–1895, six individual bronzes

R3 John Roloff, Fragment: the Hidden Sea (Island of Refuge), 1993, site-specific earth sculpture

R4 James Rosati, Column I, 1983-84, stainless steel

S1 George Segal, Gay Liberation, 1981, bronze

S2 Kenneth Snelson, Mozart I, 1982, stainless steel

S3 François Stahly, The Flame Birds, 1961, bronze

S4 François Stahly, The Unicorn (La Licorne), 1960, bronze

S5 William Wetmore Story, Angel of Grief, 1901, stone and marble

T1 Art Thompson, Boo-Qwilla (Totem pole), 1995, cedarwood and pigment

T2 William Turnbull, Large Metamorphic Venus, 1983, bronze

W1 Meg Webster, The California Garden, 2002–03, native California plants

Y1 Don Yeomans, The Stanford Legacy, 2002, western red cedar and pigments

Z1 Jack Zajac, Big Ram Skull and Horn, January, 1976, bronze

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