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Collections: Asian American Art at the Cantor

Included in the Cantor permanent collections are works by George Miyasaki, Isamu Noguchi, Nam June Paik, Roger Shimomura, Stephanie Syjuco, Toshiko Takaezu and Martin Wong.

The Cantor's most recent acquisition, Ruth Asawa’s Untitled (LC. 012, Wall of Masks), features life masks made from the faces of her family and friends over 45 years. They were originally displayed on the exterior of her home.


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George Miyasaki

An image of george Miyasaki's Reflection #2

Isamu Noguchi

An image of Isamu Noguchi's "Victim"

Nam June Paik

An image of Nam Jume Paik's "Untitled"

Roger Shimomura

An image of Roger Shimomura's "Lush Life #2"

Stephanie Syjuco

An image of Stephanie Syjuco's "I Am An..."

Toshiko Takaezu

An image of Toshiko Takaezu's "#2"

Martin Wong

An image of Martin Wong's "Chinatown Dragon"

Ruth Asawa

Ruth Asawa
An image of Ruth Asawa's "Untitled"


Explore the 233 masks of Ruth Asawa's Untitled (LC.012, Wall of Masks)

Ruth Asawa's Untitled (LC.012, Wall of Masks)

Explore the 233 masks of Ruth Asawa's Untitled (LC.012, Wall of Masks).