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Stanford University


Photo: Gabrielle Lurie, The Chronicle

‘YO’: Stanford has a new, bright-yellow social media magnet

Sartorial planning got Alexis Murphy to Cantor Arts Center wearing her yellow crewneck sweater. She’d come to the free museum at Stanford University to snap a photo to post on Instagram, one of her peeking through the hollow center of a huge, new sculpture at the building’s entrance, and wanted to make sure she matched it.

Her daughter, Carolyn, 20, was brought along to take the picture alongside the piece, which is simply the letters “Y” and “O” — a yellow “YO,” or “OY,” depending on your perspective — standing on a platform.  Once their image was posted online, they figured they might as...

Saying hello to OY/YO at Cantor Arts Center

Cantor Arts Center hopes its newest sculpture, OY/YO by artist Deborah Kass, acts as an extension of the museum’s new vision to present art and ideas in contemporary and inclusive ways. The piece was installed Dec. 20 and is now on view to the public.

Major 20th-century photo trove premieres with Adams and Weston at Cantor

Read the San Francisco Chronicle's article about West x Southwest: Edward Weston and Ansel Adams.