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Q&A: What's your favorite work on display at the museums?

Q&A: What's your favorite work on display at the museums?

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We asked three Stanford students what is their favorite work on display at the museums. This is what they said:

Untitled (c. 1954)

by Ruth Asawa


Dylan Sherman, ’20 Art & Art History and Dance

“I love this work because it can be studied through many historical references, from modern dance to basket weaving techniques, but it still holds a singular, magical presence in the gallery today.”


Hoarding My Frog Food (1982)

by David Gilhooly

Savannah Mohacsi, ’20 Human Biology and Art Practice

Hoarding My Frog Food is my favorite piece to tour because its absurdity defies what you would expect to see in an art museum; however, the quirky ceramic frogs reveal so much more about societal themes, and are used as satirical tools for Gilhooly to reflect on the conditions of human nature.”

Cause & Effect (2007)

by Do Ho Suh

Ashley Song, ’20 Economics and Earth Systems

“Do Ho Suh’s work is so eye-catching, and the three pieces that the Cantor has been fortunate enough to show tell such a beautiful story. Whenever I tour the objects, people are blown away by how he represents the interconnectedness of community, generations, and society through his installations.”




What's YOUR favorite work on display at the museums?

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