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What have you missed most about Stanford art museums?

What have you missed most about Stanford art museums?


Just as eager as you to renew their in-person art experiences are members of the volunteer organizations that support, advocate for, and educate about the exhibitions and artwork you see and events you attend.


Shana Nelson Middler
Membership Executive Council (MEC) Chair

I miss bringing in my friends and getting the credit! They can’t believe we have this treasure in our backyard. The Cantor is so accessible, whether people know a lot about art or are novices. Plus, the campus is gorgeous, and there’s a lovely café.

Shanna Midler

Jeanne Heise
Docent Chair

I miss seeing the artworks in person. They’ve become my friends. Mostly, though, I miss leading school tours and looking [at artwork] together with the children. It’s amazing to read their faces—that moment when you walk into the museum and their look of wonderment.

Jeanne Heise

Megan Fernandez
Visitor Services, Volunteer Program

Second Sunday! I was always happy to see families and kids engaging with the museum and having fun. Art chosen for the lobby seems to elicit opinion and response automatically without telling people what they should experience. It lets people connect on a human level.

Megan Fernandez





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