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Major new acquisition announces Cantor’s new direction

OY/YO is now on display at the Cantor!

OY/YO is now on display at the Cantor!


Across its galleries, the Cantor is enacting a new vision to act as a gathering place for diverse ideas and to present art in more contemporary ways. It now hopes that vision will extend just beyond its front steps through the museum’s newly-acquired sculpture OY/YO by artist Deborah Kass, now on view.

Brooklyn-based painter, printmaker and sculptor Deborah Kass is known for working at the intersection of art history, popular culture and identity -- particularly related to Jewish culture and elements of difference – all three of which come together in OY/YO.  As such, she describes the piece as a distillation of everything she cares about in an unexpected form.

In particular, OY/YO explores the combination of imagery and language: “oy,” as in “oy vey,” is a Yiddish term of fatigue, resignation or woe; “yo,” is a greeting associated with African American slang. In addition, “yo” in Spanish means “I.” Each usage has been co-opted in popular culture. “The fact that this particular work resonates so beautifully in so many languages to so many communities is why I wanted to make it monumental,” Kass told the New York Times.

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Say hello to OY/YO!

Museum Hours

The Cantor is open to the public at 100% indoor capacity. Free, all-day reservations are required for all visitors, including members. Get yours here.

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Map and Directions

The Cantor Arts Center is located at the intersection of Museum Way and Lomita Drive in the heart of the arts district on the Stanford campus. The Cantor faces the Bing Concert Hall across Palm Drive, northwest of The Oval and the Main Quad.

328 Lomita Drive at Museum Way
Stanford, CA 94305-5060

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Parking is limited. Stanford has a new contactless web/app system to pay for parking, and physical statio. Prior to your visit, we recommend you visit the Stanford Transportation website to learn more about the updated visitor parking process.

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