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We know there is no replacement for experiencing art in person. Yet, the power of art to connect us and transform our thinking remains, even when we can’t be physically together. As part of our efforts to bring artists and ideas outside the gallery and into our community while the museums are temporarily closed, we are pleased to present a series of conversations with leading contemporary artists.

We look forward to sharing additional videos in the upcoming weeks. As always, we are grateful you are part of the Cantor and Anderson Collection at Stanford University family.

Thank you for your support and be well!

Stephanie Syjuco

Syjuco's artwork moves from handmade and craft-inspired mediums to digital editing and archive excavations. Recently, she has focused on how photography and image-based processes are implicated in the construction of racialized, exclusionary narratives of history and citizenship.

Explore this discussion about her work in photography, sculpture, and installation.

Deborah Kass

In this edition, Deborah Kass takes us on a journey through her art practice leading up to the creation of OY/YO.

Catherine Opie

In this edition, visual artist Catherine Opie shares details about her art practice and her work, Rhetorical Landscapes.