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Art Breaks with Student Guides

Art Breaks with Student Guides

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Wednesday March 24, 2021

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Join Stanford Student Tour Guides for a 30 minute art break talk every other Wednesday. You’ll hear about how objects at Stanford’s museums relate to different disciplines that each student is studying. RSVP on Eventbrite to receive the Zoom link. 

Jan. 27, 12pm PST | "Transformations in Painting after WWII" with Georgia Gardner, Art History & International Relations Major '22

Come explore the connection between the postwar rearrangement of international power and priorities through the rise of visceral, gestural, emotional painting that became Abstract Expressionism.

Feb. 10, 12pm PST | “Line by Line: Exploring the Physical and Creative Processes” with Kaylee Nok, Art Practice Major ‘22

Come explore how two artists uniquely approach their art making practice and how their process influences Kaylee’s own studies as an art major.

Feb. 24, 12pm PST | “Art & Civil Rights” with Melissa Santos, Psychology Major, Spanish Minor, & Sociology Masters ‘21

Come explore how art helps us grapple with the emotional complexity of societal issues by looking at portraits that depict the turmoil of race and class-based conflict in the context of the Civil Rights era.

Mar. 10, 12pm PST | “Layering Perspectives: The Mindset of Creativity, Innovation, and Meaning” with Anuhea Parker, Management Science and Engineering Major & Creative Writing- Poetry Minor ‘22

Come explore how technology, business, and innovation are fueled by the same things that drive artists to look at the world in fresh, invigorating ways.

Mar. 24, 12pm PST | “Art as a Language” with Alyssa Diaz, Art Practice Major & Modern Language Minor ‘22

Come explore how painting today has changed to communicate messages and themes that the old masters didn’t.

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