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Art Breaks with Student Guides

Art Breaks with Student Guides

Wednesday May 5, 2021

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Join Stanford Student Tour Guides for a 30 minute art break talk every other Wednesday. You’ll hear about how objects at Stanford’s museums relate to different disciplines that each student is studying. RSVP on Eventbrite to receive the Zoom link. 

Apr. 7, 12pm PDT | "The Face of Manual Labor" with Lorena Diosdado, Art Practice Major & Education Minor '21

Come explore how themes of construction and labor in Jacob Lawrence's artwork and Lorena's.

Apr. 21, 12pm PDT | “StoryPainting” with Alyssa Diaz, Art Practice Major & Modern Language Minor ‘22

Come explore how artists create visual narratives that are passed on through storytelling.

May 5, 12pm PDT | “Take My Lens” with Ekalan Hou, English Major, Art History Major, & Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity Minor '22

Come explore Julia Margaret Cameron's photography through Virginia Woolf's mysticism.

May 19, 12pm PDT | “War & Art” with Olivia Morello, International Relations Major '22

Come explore artifacts of war through the lens of art to discover new perspectives on historical events.

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