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Art Focus Lectures | San Francisco Art Market

Art Focus Lectures | San Francisco Art Market

Wednesday March 20, 2019

The contemporary art market is infamous for its opacity, and becoming an art collector in San Francisco may seem challenging even for the most avid art lovers. Yet, with the right set of tools and pointers, this journey can be both enjoyable and rewarding in today’s booming market. This lecture will provide attendees with a practical and lively overview of the local art market. We will discuss key players, assess current opportunities, and decode and demystify its business practices. With this foundation in place, novice and seasoned collectors alike will gain fresh insights into the San Francisco art market, allowing them to engage with this evolving local scene in new, fruitful, and exciting ways.

Tatiana Maratchi Legrain specializes in contemporary art collections and has been advising private collectors for over ten years. She has worked in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors of the art world, including Sotheby’s and the Antonio Saura Foundation, and has collaborated with Gagosian Gallery and the MFA Boston. She received a JD from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain, an LLM from IUHEI, Geneva, Switzerland, and an MS in arts administration from Boston University.

Cantor Arts Center Auditorium

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