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Public Tour | Josiah McElheny's Island Universe

Public Tour | Josiah McElheny's Island Universe

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Sunday August 18, 2019

Public Tour | Josiah McElheny's Island Universe

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 2:30pm

Bringing artist Josiah McElheny’s Island Universe to the Cantor is a rare opportunity to examine both cutting-edge art and physics. The monumental installation is a visual response to recent theories of the multiverse, an elaboration of the Big Bang theory. The installation is both visually stunning and carefully constructed according to measurements that map the history of time. McElheny worked closely with distinguished Ohio State University professor of astronomy David Weinberg to develop those measurements. The five hanging chandeliers, which incorporate precise scientific calculations, are modeled on the chandeliers of the Metropolitan Opera in New York—iconic midcentury design objects that were made in Vienna in 1965. That year, the first physical evidence for the Big Bang theory became public, launching popular interest in space science. McElheny’s installation—made of chromed metal, transparent handblown glass, and lights— represents potential universes whose dense origins expand outwards.

Meet in the museum Atrium ( Museum Main Lobby)

Tours do not require a reservation and are free of charge.