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Stanford University

Curricular Exhibitions

The Cantor Arts Center sponsors exhibitions organized by students and faculty.  Exhibitions should draw upon the Cantor's collection, have a single, well-defined thesis, and explicitly relate to a course, symposium, or academic program at Stanford. Preference is given to proposals that significantly expand critical discourse on the permanent collection and utilize exhibition design as a method of innovative teaching.

Faculty members are invited to submit applications for small exhibitions. Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Proposals must be submitted one year in advance of the exhibition opening. Students
Undergraduates interested in learning about exhibitions should apply to the Cantor Scholars program. Applicants must be Stanford juniors and seniors.

Graduate students who have advanced to candidacy in the departments of Art History and Film Studies may also apply to the Mellon Curatorial Research Assistantship Program.

For inquires, contact Kate Holohan, Assistant Curator for Academic Engagement.