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Class Visits

Students engage with art during a class visit at the Cantor

Who we are and What we do

Cantor acts as a resource for the Stanford community as part of the university’s mission to advance knowledge, cultivate creativity, and accelerate solutions. We are here to provide access to Cantor’s resources, including our collection, exhibitions, and staff expertise to facilitate learning, teaching, and research across disciplines.

Class Visits

We welcome class visits from Stanford faculty, staff, and students of any department or unit. This includes self-guided visits, led by the faculty or instructor, or guided visits, led by Cantor educators or curators. During guided visits, we place an emphasis on sustained close-looking, open-ended interdisciplinary inquiry, and active learning. Students learn about our collections and exhibitions and also develop their visual literacy, practice observational and oral communication skills, solve problems, and think critically and creatively. For classes not affiliated with Stanford, including K-12 or private tours, please refer to the Tours & Group Visit Page.

Gallery Class Visit (Self-Guided or Guided)

Class visits to the Cantor galleries are offered on weekdays when the museum is open to the public (Wed-Fri). Providing advance notice will help ensure that your class is not interrupted by other groups and that the art you wish to see is available. Use the request form below to arrange either a self-guided gallery visit or a gallery visit led by a Cantor educator.

Request a Gallery Class Visit

Collections Class Visit (Self-Guided or Guided)

Cantor has a classroom devoted to viewing artwork from our collection that is not currently on view in the galleries. To facilitate teaching and research related to our collection, we invite faculty and other Stanford instructors to request artwork be pulled from storage for a viewing session in our classroom. Cantor educators will work collaboratively with instructors to design customized class visits. Please familiarize yourself with our collection online before making a request.

Request a Collections Class Visit

Research Visit

We are here to help facilitate research on works in our permanent collection by any researchers, including students and other members of the Stanford community.

Request a Research Visit

Other Learning Experiences

If you are interested in other types of engagement, including collaborating with our team to design a class or research project, please get in touch with Cantor’s academic staff at

Requesting High-Resolution Images

If you would like to request high-res images of Cantor collection objects for use in your research, contact Registration at Please consult our collection online and include the name of the artwork(s) and the accession number(s) in your request. We are able to supply up to 20 images to each faculty member or student each quarter. We will fulfill your request within 5 business days of receiving your email. Images may be used for study, research, and educational purposes only and may not be published or reproduced without further approval.