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A family guide for Cantor with activities to follow along in the museum.

Cantor Family Guide

Do you know what Deborah Butterfield's sculpture, Viktoria is made of? Do you know exactly where in the museum you can find Lucy Lewis's Owl? Learn new and fun facts about the art displayed at the Cantor with this handy family guide. You can find a printed version in your next visit to the Cantor, or download it using the link below to bring it with you.


Second Sunday

Second Sunday is a virtual (interactive) family focused hands-on art making event for all ages. Art making activities are designed as a (30 minute or bite-size) at-home making experience and are available for viewing afterwards through the museums’ websites. Each Second Sunday explores a new exhibition or theme from the Cantor and the Anderson Collection.

December 2021 | Create your own "everyday surprise" art prints

A fun family art making activity inspired by the art of Jasper Johns. Join us and create your own everyday surprise prints.

November 2021 | Create your own skyscape: exploring, shape, color, and perspective

A fun family art making activity inspired by the art of Eamon Ore-Giron. Artist Eamon Ore-Giron makes paintings using simple geometric shapes and colors to create artwork that has deep meaning. Our activity explores the artist’s process by arranging shapes and colors in an abstract composition assisted by the rules of perspective.

October 2021 | See me: identity in art-making

Join us virtually for a hands-on art-making adventure! Explore the nature of Identity and create a unique personal artwork. We are inspired by the artist Ebony G. Patterson’s artwork, ...for those who came to bear witness..., which is on view as part of the special exhibition Paper Chase: Ten Years of Collecting Prints, Drawings, and Photographs at the Cantor.

September 2021 | Luminous landscape sculpture

Create your own landscape sculpture inspired by Bay Area Artist Sam Richardson’s love of nature and the o​utdoors. A new exhibition Sam Richardson: Islands, Ice and Sand opened at the Anderson Collection September 23, 2021.

August 2021 | An animal family portrait

Join us for artmaking fun and turn your family into a work-of-art! Inspired by Joan Brown’s painting, A Family Portrait, we will help you create your own personal family portrait. Joan Brown became a famous Bay Area artist at a young age. Much of her artwork was inspired by memories from her childhood visits to the art museum. 

July 2021| Fabulous food faces

Join us for artmaking fun inspired by artists who use food to create fantastic portraits. In this edition of Second Sunday we explore the work of artist Martine Gutierrez, as she creates socially conscious photographic self-portraits using food.

June 2021 | Inspired by nature

Let’s go outside and make art! Join us for a hands-on activity that is all about the natural world. We will use materials found in nature and arrange them to create an original artwork. Our inspiration is Andy Goldsworthy’s Stone River, which is across the street from the museums and is open to visitors.

This is an updated airing of our popular June 2020 program.

May 2021 | Weave your own story

Create a personal artwork and learn the basics of weaving.


Reena Saini Kallat (India, b. 1973), Woven Chronicle, 2011–16. Circuit boards, speakers, electrical wires, and fittings; single‑channel audio (10:00 minutes); approximately 11 x 38 ft. © Reena Saini Kallat. Courtesy the artist and Nature Morte, New Delhi. Installation view, Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2016–17. Photograph by Jonathan Muzikar. Digital image © The Museum of Modern Art/Licensed by SCALA/Art Resource, NY

Download the activity guide, gather your materials and start weaving your own story.



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April 2021 | Build your own viewfinder

Since ancient times, artists have created tools to help them interpret the world around them. You can also make and use artists' tools! Our activity is inspired by Jennifer Bartlett's artwork At the Lake, Morning, from the Anderson Collection.

An image of At the Lake, Morning by artist Jennifer Bartlett

Download the activity guide and build your own viewfinder.

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March 2021 | Build your own migration station

Inspired by Do Ho Suh's artwork, featured in the Cantor exhibition When Home Won't Let You Stay, we will learn to build a birdhouse from everyday objects and express feelings about home and our connections to a place.

An image depicting Do Ho Suh's artwork, a pink and a yellow house

Download the activity guide in advance of this session.

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February 2021 | What forms you? Make clay and create your own sculpture

Be inspired by the work of Simone Leigh, whose work is included in Formed and Fired: Contemporary American Ceramics at the Anderson Collection. Leigh’s work explores Black female identity through clay, porcelain, and even video. Learn how to make clay and create your own sculpture inspired by your roots!

An image of "Althea" by Simone Leigh

Download the activity guide in advance of this session.

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January 2021

Dream Day: A look back at January Second Sunday at Home

The January Second Sunday at Home kicked off the 2021 programs at Cantor and Anderson Collection with an exciting new community partnership with EPACENTER, fostering the shared belief that art transforms lives and shapes communities.

Titled "Dream Day," January Second Sunday at Home celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his famous words "I have a dream." During the session, we discovered several powerful artworks in the museum that artists have made using words, and they encouraged us to think about social justice and about how sometimes difficult feelings and emotions can be expressed visually.

EPACENTER students received Art Care Kits prior to the workshop, created by the Cantor education staff.

"Dream Day was a success! We had 20 students participate. They were asked to write down what their dreams are for themselves, their family, and the world, and how they hope to help their community when they grow up. Then they drew their dreams... Thank you so much for the supplies!"

Nadine Rambeau Executive Director EPACENTER ​Learn more about Dream Day

Click here to learn more about the EPACENTER.

Dream Day Second Sunday | Make art with words: I Have A Dream...


Installation photo: Stephanie Syjuco (U.S.A. b. 1974), I Am An..., 2017. Cotton fabric mounted on ceiling rack. © Stephanie Syjuco; Courtesy of the artist and RYAN LEE Gallery, New York.

December 2020 | Celebrating with color and pattern

In the December edition of Second Sunday we explored the art of Yinka Shonibare, featured artist in the upcoming exhibition When Home Won't Let You Stay: Migration through Contemporary Art.

November 2020 | What makes a sculpture? Exploring 3-D mixed media art-making

In the November edition of Second Sunday we will feature artwork from the upcoming exhibitions When Home Won't Let You Stay: Migration through Contemporary Art, at the Cantor as well as Hostile Terrain 94 at the Anderson Collection. Gather your odds and ends and join the fun as we explore mixed media sculpture.

October 2020 | Inspired by Aliza Nisenbaum's paintings

In the October edition of Second Sunday At Home, watch Maggie Dethloff, Assistant Curator of Photography and New Media at the Cantor Arts Center and curatorial assistant Pearl as they walk us through a preview of the forthcoming exhibition, When Home Won’t Let You Stay: Migration through Contemporary Art. Aliza Nisenbaum's paintings are part of this exhibition.

These portrait paintings feature families in a setting with Mexican talavera tiles and are the inspiration for the art-making activity: creating your own talavera tile pattern.

This process focused activity will explore how artists use pattern, shape, and color to express ideas and emotions. The Second Sunday crew will also introduce some of the themes from the exhibition such as cultural diversity and what defines home. As usual, we will elucidate connections that can be made by visitors of all ages with art in the museums.

The activity also builds on the holiday of Dia De los Muertos and provides inspiration for families celebrating at home this year. Second Sunday is for everyone. Everyone is welcome.

September 2020 | Inspired by artist Martin Puryear's work in the Anderson Collection

In September’s edition, we are inspired by the work of artist Martin Puryear. He emphasizes craft and abstraction in his larger-than-life sculptures, using organic forms and natural materials to rework symbols of freedom and shelter that encourage us to discover Black history’s hidden stories.

Martin Puryear (U.S.A., b. 1941), Dumb Luck, 1990, wire mesh, tar, and wood. Anderson Collection at Stanford University. Gift of Harry W. and Mary Margaret Anderson, and Mary Patricia Anderson Pence.

Download the activity guide and click the link below to watch the recorded session.


August 2020 | Exploring identity through art: inspired by Titus Kaphar’s Page 4 of Jefferson's "Farm Book,"... 

As human beings, we are hard-wired to recognize other human faces and the emotions they express.What happens when you take away a person's identity? By removing the face, the baby, and obscuring the hands, Kaphar reveals how popular culture and history have removed the identities of black people.

In this virtual session, museum educators from our Second Sunday Crew guide you in creating a photomontage (similar to a collage) inspired by artist Titus Kaphar.

Click here to download the activity guide.

About Titus Kaphar's Page 4 of Jefferson's "Farm Book,"...
This painting belongs to a series of tar portraits in which the artist imagines enslaved sitters as freed men and women, a conceptual tactic he calls “visual reparation.” By presenting this sitter in historical dress above her lived status, Kaphar posthumously frees her from forever being represented as a slave. In this work, the artist harnesses the medium of portraiture in an effort to amend American history.

Additional Activity: Notan Square

The Notan Square demonstrates the interaction between negative and positive space in art. In this project you will use your creativity to design art that uses both negative and positive space to make a harmonious composition.

Click here to download the Notan Square activity guide.

Titus Kaphar, U.S.A., b. 1976. Page 4 of Jefferson’s “Farm Book,”... 2018.

Click here to learn more about this artwork.

A link to the recorded event is below. A video of the activity will be available at a later time.

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July 2020 | Exploring art through sound and motion: inspired by Nick Cave's soundsuits

Watch the recorded session to learn how to make and activate wearable sculptures inspired by artist Nick Cave.

About Nick Cave's Soundsuits
Cave’s first Soundsuit (1992) was built in reaction to the beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers and the riots that followed the officers’ acquittal in 1992. Though it was not built as a wearable object, Cave donned his creation. Within it he found sanctuary, a new identity, and was surprised and inspired by the sound the twigs made when he moved. And so he named this sculpture, and those like it that followed, Soundsuits.

June 2020 | Art in nature: inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy

Explore ideas by an artist who uses only art materials found in nature. Create a  nature-based artwork that changes with its environment. Click here to download the activity guide.
Andy Goldswrothy's Stone River at the Cantor Arts Center

No art materials are required. You will be gathering materials found outside your home.

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May 2020 | Draw like an artist: inspired by the Diebenkorn sketchbooks

May Second Sunday fell on Mother's day! Celebrate and create a line drawing portrait. It can be of your own mom or any mom you would like to honor. Get the information sheet for this activity by clicking here.

You will need: a photograph of a mom (or another person) focused on the face, pencil, paper, and black marker. Also, if you have a home printer/copier, make a black and white copy of the photograph to draw on.

Draw Like An Artist

Let’s make some art together today! Inspired by Richard Diebenkorn's sketchbooks, we will create a portrait of someone we would like to honor.

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April 2020 | Create a collection

In this edition of Second Sunday At Home we create a collection collage. All collages begin with collecting. People have collections of all kinds of things but for this example we will collect pieces of paper to arrange and rearrange. Artists use collage techniques in many ways. Sometimes a collage becomes a finished artwork that hangs in a museum and sometimes it is a quick and easy way to record visual ideas.

Download the list of materials by clicking here, and click below to watch the video from our April session for a step-by-step description of this activity.

Create a Collection

Watch the video for the step-by-step process of creating a collection collage. When completed, you can share your collage with us tagging @cantorarts and using #SecondSunday.

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Sunday Spotlight

15 minute gallery talk for all ages. Talks start at 11:30am and continue throughout the day on the half hour through 3pm.

Drop-in Studio

Experiment with art materials and new techniques by participating in a hands-on art making experience. All visitors, regardless of age, ability, or familiarity with the creative process, are encouraged to participate. From 11 am to 4 pm, registration is not required and visitors can work at their own pace.

Art Packs

Check out an Art Pack that includes themed activities for visitors of all ages and materials for sketching while visiting the galleries.

Art-making Activity Table

Inspired by artists and art on view in the galleries, the activity table offers visitors of all ages an opportunity to take a break to make between gallery visits.

In-Gallery Activity Sheets

Available in the Oshman Family Gallery, these one-sheet adventures will jumpstart your visit to the museum.


Special storytime designed for the entire family.